MIDI issue : master fader also moves selected track fader


I did not found something about this in the forum, so here is what I observed (Aeros firmware version 5.1.1).

I use a MIDI controller with the intend to have one control dedicated to one Aeros function.
It is now set up to have one fader per track and one other fader for the master volume.

The controls of each track fader work fine.
The issue is with the Master fader : CC:20 moves both the selected track fader and the Master output fader.

I ruled out an issue of my MIDI controller by monitoring the values it transmits. I confirm that the CC:20 is the only received command by the Aeros and it moves both master and selected track faders.

And, to be very precise, moving the selected track fader with its corresponding CC:2x command does not affect the Master fader.

Could you please correct this ?
And could you please give me an indication when the next update will be available ?

Thanks !


The subject you are talking about interests me.

But where did you find that the aeros MIDI command for the fade was CC:20?
I can’t find it in the manual at all.