MIDI Issue

Connecting BB to iPad to control with OnSong. It works for a short while then just stops.

Tested everything in every configuration I can think of. I even bought new midi cables and iPad adapter. Same result. The BB works correctly doing what the MIDI from OnSong tells it to do: Choose songs, Adjust Tempo, Adjust Volume. But then appears to just stop working as if it lost MIDI connection. The only fix is to power everything down and start again… which sometimes that doesn’t always work either.

Suggestions please.

First step is to figure out if the problem is with teh BB or the outboard gear. Past that, I’m not sure I can be much help, because my expertise is more the BB as master. But I’m willing to try to help if I can.

Hey Joe,
In an attempt to answer that very question, I’ve connected the iPad to my Synth via MIDI. OnSong is able to pull up “performances” on the synth (Yamaha’s term for songs, sorta) flawlessly…every time. No hiccups ever. So to my mind it eliminates the “sending” unit (iPad).
These are all program change commands similar to what is sent to the BB. Super easy to program in OnSong.

And it works fine – and then it doesn’t?

Yes. The BB works fine and then it just stops working… clarification: The BB works… plays the songs… no problems there…but the MIDI signal does not “get to it” to have it change songs, adjust volume and adjust tempo. It does at first… but then it just stops. Make sense?

I’ve tried using MIDI channel 1 and I’ve tried OMNI setting for MIDI in. Both behave in the same way. Works for a bit, then it stops getting the signal.

I’ve replaced cables and adapters. I have NOT replaced the BB MIDI sync cable. Think they would send me one to try? Mine is only about a month old. Bought it Sept 23.

So, first, yes, I get it, thanks for clarifying.

I suppose it could be the MIDI cable – I really have no idea what else it could be. But one thing I would look at in your shoes is what the Beat Buddy thinks its MIDI settings are when it stops responding: Does it still remember what channel it’s on? Is it still set to respond to the same commands it has started to ignore?

One other thing I might try: Switch to Channel 2.

Some questions:

  • What is your BB specifically set to respond to? Or is it just listening on a given channel and using the PCs and CCs from the master?
  • Have you tried changing channels?
  • Have you tried changing MIDI modes? There are a couple of known bugs with, for example, the MIDI THRU (or is it MERGE?) mode.

I’ll keep thinking about it, maybe something will occur to me.


Hey Joe… Hope your’re enjoying this cool weather! Oh wait I’m in North Texas it’s 36F at 11AM. That’s cold for us for November 13!

I have my iPad sending MIDI control signals to my synth (Yamaha MODX) set for MIDI channel 2 and I have my Chauvet Obey 70 (DMX light controller) set for channel 3. They work beautifully together and they always work… no hiccups. This eliminates the signal going out as being problematic.

I have taken all other devices out of “the loop” for diagnostic purposes.

To answer your questions:
BB is set to receive “most” CC commands. I disabled Notes. The rest are enabled. I’ve tried it with Notes enabled with the same result.

I have tried channel 1 and OMNI with the same result on the BB. It works then just stops. No apparent reason. I could try other channels.

MIDI out I have tried Merge and Thru. It doesn’t seem to matter as soon as the BB stops “processing MIDI”, it no longer sends the MIDI info to the next device which causes the others to not respond as well.

They are sending me a new BB midi cable. I’ll see if that fixes the issue. The only other thing I can think of is the actual BB having some sort of internal issue.

Stay warm!

Sounds like it COULD be related to NOTE-OFF – you either are or are not sending them. That’s the only thing I could think of that might be causing stuff to “stick.”

How are you controlling your Obey 70? I have a 40, and it runs on MIDI notes, but it has some very weird idiosyncrasies.

Hopefully, it’s the cable, because that’s an easy fix, and managing NOTE-OFFs is a bit more complicated. Especially if the BB needs NOTE-OFFs and you’re using notes to control the Obey…

Hey Joe,

I’ve tried with Notes Enabled with same result. I disabled Notes on the BB since I tried OMNI as channel and didn’t want BB playing random drum sounds when the Note cmd came from the iPad. I just never turned them back on.

I’m sending Notes to control the Obey 70. Seems to work fine to turn on Scenes and Chases. Trying to figure out how to stop chases with MIDI. It’s kinda annoying. The blackout cmd (note 126) turns off the lights but I can’t seem to find the note to send to end the chase and keep some lights on.

Obey 70 has no MIDI out so it has to be the last device of the MIDI “chain”. It’s a recent addition to my “fun music stuff.”

New cable arrived so going to try it this weekend. Send good MIDI vibes my way!