Midi looper

How about adding the ability to record midi loops to Aeros? As far as I understand, there are all physical possibilities for this. Such a solution will make your device simply a masterpiece and the most popular not only among guitarists, but also among electronic musicians and musicians living in both worlds.

  1. each track can be of two types to choose from - audio or midi.
  2. the midi channel can be the same as the original one (this will allow you to record sequences directly from the same synthesizer that is connected by midi input and midi output to Aeros.

All other mechanics used for an audio track can be shared with midi as well - it’s very good for looping)

I suggested this a year or two ago, it would be absolutely amazing to be able to live sequence the beat buddy through the aeros. it would truly make it a pedal DAW.

Midi (pad) controller β†’ Aeros β†’ beat buddy.

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