Midi Maestro 60 Cycle hum

I’m having a problem with noise coming from maestro when I touch buttons barefoot and after I press scroll down button and let go, I’m not touching my guitar and touching the maestro and it’s still make weird PC noises!?? I know there’s no audio going through the maestro. I didn’t have this problem till I added the Aeros to midi maestro. You can’t hear it while it’s playing but when paused or between songs it’s very audible and annoying. I switched midi cables, I have cable testers and and there’s no problems with my cables. It doesn’t do it when I’m touching the BB, or Aeros metal parts, It’s a grounding problem from the maestro, all gear is on Furman power conditioners using power supplys they came with. I don’t have the cleanest wiring in my crapshack but nothing else in my extensive amount of gear plugged into one 15 amp circuit makes that much noise?? I know wear shoes right? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

You may have tried this already: Reverse the Maestro power supply in the outlet?

Thank you for reporting this but there could be a number of factors, some possible improvements:

  1. Use only isolated PSUs to power your devices, mixing devices connected to an isolated PSU with others that are not could also cause noise issues
  2. Buy a de-hum device



Please reach out to support@singularsound.com if you need further assistance

Nope I haven’t tryed that yet, I will try and see if it will solve the problem, thank you.