MIDI Maestro and Aeros Gold issue

I recently got the Gold edition and now my Midi Maestro doesn’t work with it. No more muting multiple tracks. It’s probably a setting thing? But I’m not sure what happened…

Also, I second the question about Midi Maestro Gold. Would be nice to get a quiet version of that as well, and the same goes for the beatbuddy foot switch. Being able to use the room acoustics without the additional CLICK, is, well… golden. Thanks for any help.

@Verismo Stupid question, perhaps, but do other MM commands work?

Hi there,

please write to support@singularsound.com with your issue so we can better assist you here, no one else has reported this issue it may be a faulty cable or something is not connected right.

Is it set to it’s own channel. Mine’s 3. BB is 1, etc.