Midi Maestro and Aeros some commands not working like default modes

Hi there. I have the triple combo, MM, BB and Aeros for a pretty nice setup. I sat down and built a combo custom mode for the MM that essentially replicates features of the default Aeros and Default BB modes. It is very nice and I am controlling everything with either the MM, the expression pedal for the BB and one or two switches on the Aeros itself.

That being said I am finding a few commands do not work like they do in the default mode. Some examples:

Start New 6x6 or New 2x2 - These commands I have to press it twice in a row in order for it to finally load a new song.

Play Part 1, 2 etc - This one is really weird. At first it would have the BB stay in a continuous transition mode. Then I reprogrammed it and made sure to use the Singular Sound commands (the ones with the little extra symbol in the app) and the only two that work are Play Part 5 and 6. They at least transition the BB to the next part I do not have a five part song.

There are a couple of odd other ones as well but these are the main ones. I guess the easiest way to say is I have commands that I know are the write Midi send, I have double checked both the default modes and manual, yet they either do nothing or do something that is unexpected. All of these are direct copies of the default modes. Is there something special in the custom mode that adds a defect/bug?


The best way is make your commands self, don’t take the default commands

If you need to press twice, than someting is wrong
Check if the commands is on the press only
new 2X2 the command is
Channel (depend yours, most of time is 1)
CC 34
Press Icon Only
and don’t forget to save

For the parts
If you want to jump into the parts of the 6X6
For part 1 :Channel '(depend yours) _ CC 113 Value 101
For part 2 ; channel yours - CC 113 Value 102
in this case you jump between the parts without any transition or fill
If you want a fill with the parts change
you need to add the fill make command Channel (yours) CC 112 Value 1 and save
in your custom: for ex to go to part 2
add the fill command FIRST as PRESS only
And add the change part 2 as Release ONLY
Don’t forget to save EVERYTIME
And sync and try

Also in 2X2 you can swicth the part of the BB and The Aeros togheter with the BB transition
But you need to check in the BB setting for Change part 102 is actived
be sure to have all updated
For Aeros update to 4.1.5
don’t take the last one 4.2 is not good
For BB 4.0.2
FOR Maestro 1.7

Cheers for that! I have it all working now. Basically there must be a bug in using Commands either from downloaded custom pages or the official ones from Aeros. When I created my own everything worked as you suggested. Even though the midi commands were identical it took making my own.

Just one typo you had above that I wanted to correct incase anyone else stumbles upon this thread. The transistion to next part is not:

Channel (yours) CC 112 Value 1

This just plays the fill on a loop.

The way you do it is as follows:
For part 1 :Channel '(depend yours) _ CC 113 Value 1 (on press)
For part 1 : Channel '(depend yours) _ CC 113 Value 0 (on release)
For part 2 :Channel '(depend yours) _ CC 113 Value 2 (on press)
For part 2 : Channel '(depend yours) _ CC 113 Value 0 (on release)

The Channel '(depend yours) _ CC 113 Value 101 does work but BeatBuddy ignores those values so you have to send the 1, 2, 3 etc and beatbuddy starts the transition. The value 0 ends the transition.

Anyway thanks so much for your help.

Thank you for pointing this out, yes it appears some old modes have faulty commands, it’s best to start from scratch if you are having a weird issue where the unexpected is happening.

We are looking into this, thank you.