Midi Maestro and Aeros

Hi there, just got my MM to pair with my Aeros and I can’t get it to work. I see in some older posts that MM was launched but as of earlier this year still wasn’t able to work with Aeros. Is this correct? Just want to stop wasting time if I’m not going to be able to get anywhere.

Yeah, they haven’t released the full midi implementation update for the Aeros yet, so no, it won’t work right now.

Hey there,

Aeros full MIDI mapping will be done in about 1-2mos (available in a future firmware update) and with that update it will be compatible with the MIDI Maestro.

I’ve got my iPad(OnSong) to select a Beat Buddy song then Maestro to control my Beat Buddy which controls my Aeros by using A MIDI MERGER. Well, the Start Stop features anyway. I have drawn a diagram if I can attach it


i just bought the Maestro today for the Aeros and are you sure there will be an update?

Sure hope this happens as that is the only reason for buying the Maestro

Too bad

Hey Brian, I’m working out the same set up as you but trying to keep it wired and avoid the latency of Bluetooth. Just curious, what is the purpose of the Midi Merger?

I’m hoping that I can just plug my iPad into the in of the Midi Maestro and out of the Aeros but from the looks of your diagram, the MM may not allow “Thru” Midi commands?

There will be an update, yes!
it’s coming out shortly

I’m sorry I took so long to answer, it appears I typed without posting!

Hi Dustin,
I used the Merger in this setup because I needed to use two Inputs, one from the Bluetooth/iPad and the other from the Maestro, both to send an Output to the BeatBuddy.
Power for the Merger comes from the Maestro Output, and power for the Bluetooth device comes from the Merger Output.
I’m not sure how you can direct wire from the iPad for MIDI. I would be interested how you do this.

I don’t use the Aeros at this stage because it can’t select specific songs (pre-recorded) likeI can select in BeatBuddy.
I’m not a MIDI expert but when they SS can program Aeros to be able to address specific songs like BeatBuddy then I will look deeper into it and modify the drawing if needed.

Thanks for the response man. I bought a product called the midiplus iLink to plug my iPad in. Now to figure out exactly where. lol. I haven’t tried it yet. Still trying to figure out how to set up the commands coming from Onsong. I’m not a MIDI expert either but I like the potential it brings. I’m still using the Aeros. I just have two standard song setups (Freeform and Synced) and then build the loops live for every song. Only takes a chord progression or two. More if I add some of my own percussion but the BB negates that for most songs. I still like the Aeros options and I’m getting use to it as opposed to my old RC-50. I know the BB MIDI settings can be adjusted for how it handles them (Send/Receive/Thru). I just assumed that the MM would do the same and I could just plug the iPad into that and out of the Aeros since they are all kind of in-line but I’ll have to test this out I guess.

Anyways, Thanks for the info.