Midi Maestro and Aeros

Hi there, just got my MM to pair with my Aeros and I can’t get it to work. I see in some older posts that MM was launched but as of earlier this year still wasn’t able to work with Aeros. Is this correct? Just want to stop wasting time if I’m not going to be able to get anywhere.

Yeah, they haven’t released the full midi implementation update for the Aeros yet, so no, it won’t work right now.

Hey there,

Aeros full MIDI mapping will be done in about 1-2mos (available in a future firmware update) and with that update it will be compatible with the MIDI Maestro.

I’ve got my iPad(OnSong) to select a Beat Buddy song then Maestro to control my Beat Buddy which controls my Aeros by using A MIDI MERGER. Well, the Start Stop features anyway. I have drawn a diagram if I can attach it

i just bought the Maestro today for the Aeros and are you sure there will be an update?

Sure hope this happens as that is the only reason for buying the Maestro

Too bad