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I´m doing exactly what the tutorials online are showing but my maestro is not uploading the settings I add in my app. I ended up just changing the title of a switch to test and still, after the upload reaches a 100% Finished, I turn my midi maestro off and on and still, the default settings is always in place.

  • just a quick update, i reinstalled the app i my iphone, and still, it states 100%Finished and after restarting my midi maestro it still has the default display settings and functions…

I realize you’ve probably done everything you can to get this working however, here’s a couple of resources to try if you have not already done so:


Thank you for your reply. I indeed followed this youtube tutorial and have with me the manual. I will then send an email to support and keep this forum updated.

To be sure
What do you change and try to sync ?
The Default modes or did you start a blank custom ?
Default modes cannot not be editing

Hi, thank you for your message.
I basically click the + button and add a name to a custom setting:

Then I select beatbuddy template:

finally i leave the channel selection as default.

from there, i change a text for one of the displays and try to upload to my midi maestro, after it shows “100% finished” i turn it off and back on but the display has not changed…

Are you suggesting the template doesn´t work and I should start with a blank template?

And did you “SAVE” after the changing
Whatever you change , you need to click “save” everytime before starting the sync

Hi NYHC, thank you for your time!

I just got it together, I was updating the custom mode but completely ignored the fact that I need to change the actual mode to custom in the Midi Maestro itselft.

I then, clicked on the mode button on the back of the device and selected Custom Mode (top first switch on the left) and voilà! It´s all there!

thanks a million for not giving up on me!

kind regards

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I knew it was a simple thing to do, so I asked simple questions. I’m glad you can enjoy it now

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