MIDI Maestro and Footswitch - use both?

I bought the Footswitch when I purchased my BeatBuddy. Then a few weeks later I bought the MIDI Maestro. Is the footswitch useless to me now? Or is there a way to integrate it into the system? Or would I even have a reason to?

You can use them together. For one thing, the Maestro does not trigger the Accent hits that placed into a song’s accent hit slot. The Maestro’s accent hit system actually plays a midi note to trigger a sound in the Drumkit.

Can you help explain to me how to re-program the accent hits? In the BB Manager it’s right there to the far right. You just pull down the drop menu and pick whatever WAV file you want and or add additional parts BUT I have no clue with MM how to eliminate the hihat closed, snare, and kick accents and replace them with something more suitable, such as, two different type cymbals. I mean who needs an added snare or kick while the BB is playing anyway???

You would need to edit the DRUM KIT. If you are programming the MM, you could then change the assignment for the accent hit to wherever you put the new wav file. Example: one MM “accent hit” triggers kick drum at C1, midi 36. You want a vibroslap, midi 80 is open in your kit. You add a vibroslap wav to 80 in the kit. You change the MM assignment for 36 to 80. How exactly to do that in MM, I don’t know ‘cuz I’ve given up on it. I’d do it with a Morningstar that has documented effective programming.

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Tell me do you truly like this Morningstar? I’m looking for something easy easy to understand when programming also highly versatile. Why? Because I know hardly anything about midi programming and I’m kinda nervous.

I don’t love it, but it does do what it’s supposed to do. You do need to work through the technicalities of programming it. It is not plug and play. But, it can send multiple commands on multiple channels on both press and release. In other words, it can likely send whatever commands you need, assuming the device that you want to program has adequate documentation, and is enabled to send the commands you want.

I don’t want to bog you down with questions my friend but I’m curious to know where and how could I access “accent sounds” from this other new device when the MM provides it internally as a very important part to it’s entire package, even in its marketing?
I just got it and I thought it’d be a great addition to my pedalboard so that I could access different parts to my BeatBuddy songs, one step of the button for start/stop, and having additional accent hits/sounds/pause ; other than having just two options (two buttons) with my old BeatBuddy foot switch.
These are the things that are important to me. Could you answer this question up top and describe some of its most popular features, please?
Thank you. Respectfully,

The “Accent Sounds” that are part of .sng, which you can see in BB Manager, are NOT the accent sounds that are triggered by the Midi Maestro. The sounds get triggered by an external, non-midi footswitch which can be connected to the BB. The Accent Sounds triggered by the Midi Maestro are, in fact, momentary sends of a midi note on command that trigger a sound which is a part of the active BB drum kit. To be able to trigger a different accent sound using the Midi Maestro (or the Morningstar) you need to do 2 things. First, you need to add the desired wav file that will be your accent hit to an unused location in the BB drumkit. Then save that kit, making note of the midi location for that wav file. Then, step 2, you need to program the midi switch (Midi Maestro or Morningstar) to a midi note on command to that location.

I can’t do that with the Maestro, as I either don’t understand how to use the iOS app, or the app does not have that capability. I can do it with Morningstar by looking up the necessary commands and programming a mode in that pedal.

I hope that answers your question.

You answered it at the very end. You cannot do it because it seems like you don’t know HOW because you can’t figure it out because there’s no way to do it with MM. I hope I’m wrong and 5here is a way to accomplish this task. If I can’t find 5he answer in 30 days I’ll have to return this to Sweetwater and buy this other midi controller. Sad because this is really important to me and I’m not looking or in desperate need of any other features and I love the looks of the MM.