Midi Maestro and Pigtronix Infinity

I bought my Midi Maestro (albeit from a friend who’d given up waiting for the app) so that I could make better use of my Pigtronix Infinity looper. The promised commands for the looper have not materialised. Is that because it’s a competitor to the Aeros or another reason?

I don’t believe that’s the case at all.

In previous posts, SS stated that they lost their BeatBuddy developer and it may have caused them to shift their developers around. This implies that the MM development has either slowed to a crawl or stopped until they could find a replacement for the BB coding. On the positive side, it sounds like SS has been tracking user feedback for both the iOS and Android versions of the app and they mentioned an interface redesign was needed.

The MM should be able to be used universally with other MIDI-enabled devices i.e., the Infinity.

I agree. Midi Maestro sends standard midi signals. Midi Maestro should work as midi controller for any standard midi device, including the Pigtronix Infinity. Midi Maestro is programmable so you can set it up to send different midi signals on different midi channels to different midi devices.

But for the average muso like me can that be done through the app now?

Based on what other users have posted here on the forum, the app versions they have released so far are works-in-progress and are either lacking in capabilities or the features don’t work as expected. So I would say “no” it “isn’t quite soup yet.”

If you haven’t downloaded the MM user guide, you can give it a try MIDI Maestro Manual Printer Friendly Version