MIDI Maestro as a BT adapter to Beatbuddy?

I’ve tried to pair my BeatBuddy with iPhone Quantiloop app using Midi Maestro as a bluetooth adapter to BeatBuddy but it doesn’t seem to work.

I was able to connect MM midi out to BB midi in and then send commands from Quantiloop to BB over bluetooth but as soon as I also plug BB midi out to MM midi in BB goes crazy (tempo bpm goes up to 300 and so on). Is it an expected behavior of Midi Maestro? Or did I do something wrong?

In the same time as far as I know 3rd party MIDI to BT adapters like Yamaha MD-BT01 work with BeatBuddy connected to In and Out ports simultaneously without any problems and allow full BB integration with Quantiloop.

Hello there, this is because the MM does not receive MIDI commands over BLE it can only send them.