MIDI Maestro as a page turner

I know from my search that there are some folks here using a MM for a page turner in music software. I am using ForScore which has MIDI Learn so I can feed it anything. My question is do you ever get multiple page turns. On my AirTurn BT200S-6 I have to be excruciatingly careful on toe taps or it will flip 2 or 3 pages. Then I will have to wait a couple of seconds to flip back. Plus I am going to be using it for Loopy Pro on the iPad for doing looping. But I want to start with the page turning. Thanks for the help People. I am Grateful.

Hey there,

Thanks for the question

To this date, the MIDI Maestro is incredibly reliable at pressing when it’s expected to and does not send extra presses by accident, you should not have any issue doing this with the MM.