MIDI Maestro -> BB -> Aeros 6x6 question

Hey everyone,

I’ve received my shiny new Aeros and MIDI Maestro recently and hit the wall almost instantly. As far as I understand, when connected as shown in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Hz_ng54dg it’s only MIDI Maestro controlling BB and BB controlling Aeros, not that Maestro controls both devices. Or may be I misunderstand.

Suppose I’m in 6x6 mode on Aeros and I have a few song parts in my BB song. My idea was to reduce tap dancing and switch song parts on Maestro in both BB and Aeros. But song parts switching seem to be only working for BB and for Aeros I still have to select next part manually. Is it how it’s supposed to work?

Also I tried to find a manual when Maestro is in Aeros mode and Aeros controls BB but failed. Is this even possible and are there any advantages like solving my problem with changing song parts for both devices?

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Hey there,

As it is now, if the BeatBuddy switched parts, the Aeros will switch in 2x2. In 6x6, as long as the Aeros is selecting the part you want to go to, you can use the MIDI Maestro to trigger a part change in the BeatBuddy and the Aeros will respond.

We are currently working on the testing of the new firmware which gives the Aeros the ability to respond to more commands. One thing we are working on building on-top of is the Aeros BeatBuddy ecosystem, meaning we want the Aeros mode to work well when the BB is still in the middle of the two.

You can also set how the BB treats it’s MIDI out port in the settings, if you ever need to.
Go to Main Pedal>MIDI settings>MIDI Out>Output type
There are settings controlling MIDI messages going to the BeatBuddy. Thru (all commands pass through the BeatBuddy), Merge (the BeatBuddy sends both it’s own out commands as well as the Midi command it is receiving), Out (only BeatBuddy’s own MIDI out messages are received), and disable (no MIDI messages are sent out from the BeatBuddy MIDI).

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Hi Brennan,

Yeah this is exactly what I’ve figured out. It’s ok for now but really doesn’t eliminate tap dancing.

Also I’ve checked BB midi settings and found all those thru/merge/out modes but seems like right now they don’t affect Aeros much.

Thanks for your answer. I’ll wait for the update.

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For me, there are times (in a 6x6 song) where:

  • I want the BB to cause the Aeros to play next part (or start recording a new one) without needing to choose that next part.
  • There are other times in that same song where I don’t want the BB to trigger that unless I’ve already chosen that part. I don’t always play the chorus or the bridge after the verse. Perhaps I want to record them out of order.

Would be nice if the user could choose if the Aeros will automatically switch in 6x6 (or require the user to select the next part first). Ideally this is a setting that can be controlled via footswitch while playing (perhaps with something like Hands-free song selection).

There might be a simple rule for how this behaves that makes this be less important.

If we could specify the expected number of parts to a song, then the Aeros could start recording new part until that many parts are recorded. After all parts are recorded, it would then advance to the next part.

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Totally agree with Quad.

I’ve also tried BB merge and thru MIDI out modes while Maestro is in Aeros mode. None of them seem to affect Aeros.

It isn’t highest priority, but we want to look into a toggle feature for auto-recording next part with one tap in 6x6 like it is in 2x2. So expect it soon.

Yeah, right now, it doesn’t do much, but with the vey next update it will be more pertinent to set up correctly depending on what your set up is doing.


I had the same issue, as I was under the impression the MM will be controlling the Aeros as well. I bought it primarily for that function, to eliminate the “tap dancing”. Anyway, if you can’t be bothered creating a custom mode (like me) then you can work around it by connecting the MM to Aeros (regular MIDI setup, MM out to Aeros in) but then reconnecting the BB out to MM in. This way, the Aeros still gets part changes from the BB but is now controllable by the MM. The BB default mode won’t work which is ok for me since I usually just work with two parts on it. Hope this helps!

I’m not sure if this is a bug but on MM Aeros mode (6x6), once you go to the Play Parts section, when you choose a specific part, it automatically routes back to the prior menu, unlike the Mute Section, wherein you’ll stay at the same menu, able to bring tracks in and out. This can be specially difficult if you already have six full song parts and would have to call on them at different orders, since you would always need to press on the Play Parts section and then choose the actual parts as opposed to the menu just staying there so you can switch to any part whenever you want to. Is there a current workaround?

Hey there,

2 things:

  1. Aeros Mode Play Part commands will not start the Aeros from stopped. This is not ideal but unfortunately, if we allowed this to work, the Aeros will desync from a BeatBuddy song that has an intro. This would be the only downside to using default modes and 2 MMs.
  2. The Aeros mode is hard coded to go back to the choose part page with a redirect command, this is because there is no way to change the page with a button, so the user would get stuck without a redirect command.

The idea behind the custom modes is to eliminate the rigidity of this, the next version out will make it very easy to create a mode from template of the default modes, and edit it to work best for you.

Thank you for your questions and your patience as we get the apps to where they need to be.