MIDI Maestro BB and Aeros Looper midi commands

Is it possible for Singular sound to publish the midi configurations that the Midi Maestro ships with to control the Beat Buddy and Aeros Looper? I would love to be able to download these into the iPhone app and then make adjustments as desired.

I am in complete agreement. This is a good idea for me. I have only just begun this journey to midi enlightenment. I believe this information would drastically cut my learning curve.

Also agree. The command list is full of user defined ones for non-SS devices. It would be good for SS to provide a list, up front on the app, of their commands to control their devices.

I did not need this as badly as I thought. What I really needed was this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/16cNt2v0RL5adPzcpQASpr0PcTM8iEyBzbF6eOaz3j1o/htmlview#

This information should be, at the very least, atop the beatbuddy, aeros, and midi maestro catagories. You’re doing a disservice to your customers by making us have to sift through the forums to find what I would consider to be some pretty crucial information.

I’m a new guy here though, so what do I know?

I have this spreadsheet of commands as I searched the forum before I posted my request. What this and the BB midi manual doesn’t show, for example is how to have one command on the press and another on the release or how to program a short tap versus a longer hold.

The Beat buddy commands that ship with the MM does all of these things.

Wow, snarky much? It took me days of reading these forums before I found that spreadsheet. What a PITA.
Having commands sent on release is something you set in the app. There is a button for it., which opens a place to add additional functions on release. Well in the android version anyways. I do not believe there is a midi function for long or short presses as that is not on the spreadsheet.

Sorry, not trying to be a jerk. Reading that back it was pretty snarky.

I am working with the Apple app and it seems be be missing some of the functionality and it is horribly unstable. I will see if I can get my hands on an android device. Thanks!

Hey there, you can definitely use the MIDI Maestro Manual and the BB/Aeros command spreadsheet in conjunction to understand what to send, unfortunately this MIDI Maestro Manual does not have the CC commands written into it, but the next iteration will have this included.

The current iOS app is sure try not working at the same level as the Android app and some basic functions need to still be addressed. We are working endlessly to get these apps ready and hope to soon have better functionality for all users.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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