Midi Maestro BB Comand Set

Midi Maestro BB Commands.pdf (33.4 KB)

The attached document shows the Midi Commands sent by the Midi Maestro in BB mode, as read by Midi Monitor.

For the tempo commands, Midi Monitor is reporting a set of General Purpose commands. Are these Sysex, Program Change? It’s unclear to me.

I did note one troubling issue. I tried to grab the Aeros Command set as well, and the song part commands in 6x6 mode use the same CC command structure as the part commands for the BB, i.e., CC 113, followed by the part number. Since both command sets are being sent, at present on midi channel 1, and again, since at present we cannot change these commands or channels, the Midi Maestro could cause unintended results when connected to both a BB and Aeros at the same time.

Also note that the accent hits send a note on only. I had Logic running while doing this experiment, and the only way to stop the sound coming out of Logic was to quit the program, as I could not find a quicker way to send a note off. So again, be careful if trying Midi Maestro as a midi controller for something other than a BB or Aeros until we get the app.

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Could you post Some of the messages you said you arent sure what they are?

Also does it send any midi messages when it switches screens? I really want to use the folder enter, scroll up and down on a much larger midi controller i have but tested the commands you listed hut they didnt work, im assuming the maestro is sending something to bb to tell it to listen to those commands but who knows.

[UPDATE] nevermind i had firmware 3.6 now i got 3.8 and the folder select and scroll work