Midi Maestro, Beat Buddy, and Ableton

I’m thinking of buying Midi Maestro and Ableton to use with Ableton Live. My goals in doing this are 1) to be able to have drums for live performance or just jamming without a lot of effort. 2) to play live and access my scenes, clips, etc. from Ableton with my feet. Will I be able to achieve this with Beat Buddy and midi maestro without a lot of effort? Also, are you able to use Beat Buddy simultaneously while using the Ableton? Concerned that you could only use Beat Buddy in Beat Buddy mode and Ableton in custom mode. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Hey there, Apologies for the delayed response!

Both of these things should be possible, correct!


The mode on the MIDI Maestro can be used with any device, just it is specifically made for the BeatBuddy, so it may not work as expected.

Using the MIDI Maestro app (available on the Google Play store and the App Store) you can create your own custom mode that can combine BeatBuddy commands with Ableton controls.

Watch this video on the MIDI Maestro to help get your feet wet!

You can also read more about the MIDI Maestro in the manual :slight_smile: