Midi Maestro, Beat Buddy, TCH Voicelice 3 and Onsong

I’m currently using BB + BB Footswitch, together with TCH Voicelive 3 and using midi instructions from Onsong to set the Programmes/Songs/Beat etc via the Yamaha MB-BT01 Bluetooth connector, which works really well. I’m considering upgrading the foot pedal to the midi maestro, and need to know a couple of things:

  1. Will Onsong still be able to control my song selection parameters (I.e. I choose a song in Onsong, so I have the music and lyrics to crib from, and Onsong sends the appropriate midi instruction to the BB and TCH VL3, thus selecting the BB Song, and the guitar and vocal settings for the TCH VL3) if I integrate the Midi Maestro to give greater on-the-fly control over the BeatBuddy?
  2. If so, what changes would I need to make to the BB settings to achieve this?
    3.What changes would I need to make to the midi cabling to achieve what will effectively be the BeatBuddy receiving midi instructions from both Onsong and the Midi Maestro?
  3. Finally, given the level of control I have already, is there a value in upgrading to the Midi Maestro?

Look forward to hearing some helpful answers, please :pray:



Hey there!

  1. Yes, the onsong app should be able to pair with the MM when the MM is in pairing mode the same way it connects to your dongle, it will convert any BLE MIDI the MM receives while paired to the Onsong app through its MIDI Out port
  2. no changes necessary, the only change now is instead of using the dongle the MM will be converting BLE MIDI to normal MIDI out the out port, just like the dongle
  3. None really, just make sure the MM is before the BeatBuddy in the MIDI chain (onsong >> MIDI Maestro > BB > TCH or onsong >> MIDI Maestro > TCH > BB)
  4. Yes, you can map functions that you may not want to take up a footswitch+ button on the MM itself and transition to specific song parts, or even allow the BeatBuddy to be further away from you and still control it fully.

Thanks for the questions I hope this was helpful!

Hi Brennan,

Many thanks for your detailed reply. Much appreciated. That brings me owning the MM one step closer :+1:

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My pleasure!