Midi maestro bluetoothe on updates slow

I can’t get mm to update firmware over android phone Bluetooth. I have the latest BB firmware version, and latest MM firmware version. But I can’t do any custom changes from app. App says to update, shows its connected via Bluetooth, but the sits and spins…“writing”… how long should this step take?

I’m sorry if misunderstood, but why are you updating the MM firmware if it is already up to date (1.1.5)?

Otherwise, it can take a bit of time for the firmware to finish, are you using iOS or Android here? Any more info you can give about this is helpful,


Thanks for quick responses.

I have 1.0.6. And on custom mode 2nd screen says download app to customize. Android

Hey again, make sure your phone screen is not closing or that you are navigating away from app during the upload progress, makes sure you are on the latest app version delight-5 (you can see the app version number in the bottom left of screen in the main menu).

It can take about 10-15 minutes to update fully, is the blue light on the MM staying solid blue during the update?