Midi Maestro Commands for Genre Selection

Are there Midi Maestro Commands for BB GENRES? My most tap dancing is done navigating the BB drum styles … enter/exit > Scrolling. Is t would be great to have a page dedicated to 6 drum styles … or 5 and then a load. Reggae, Pop, Ballad etc

And if I don’t ask I won’t find it despite googling and scouring … Where is the Maestro’s midi command charts ??? DOH!


The spreadsheet has the MIDI commands for both the AEROS and the BeatBuddy in separate tabs.

Thanks I did find these. Can you point me in the direction how I’d have the Accent Hits page rather be my Genres Page? Jay mentioned putting in program change commands. For example Reggae would be what command? Pop, Country …

Here’s Jay’s suggestion.

Yes, there is a way. That way would be program change, you would just need to configure the specific MM buttons to send program change commands to the BeatBuddy. I’m assigning this ticket to Daniel, he can assist you with this process.

You need to make a custom mode using the BB template in the Maestro app, and then upload it with the Bluetooth connection :blush:

When editing the BB template just replace that particular page with the commands.

For the actual commands I suggest using CC:116 and for the values you just need to check the position of drumset in the drumset list (first will be picked with value 0, second with 1 and so on) :smiling_face:

Or do you mean by drum styles the folders in BB?

For that you need to use bank select and program change :thinking:

YES I know how to do this. I have 2 Maestros and use one exclusively in CUSTOM MODE to control my HX Stomp. Got it programmed and know how to turn on my phone :joy:

CC 116 is for drum sets, NOT INTERESTED IN choosing sets like STANDARD LATIN etc


I play live shows and play Country, Reggae, Pop, etc. All in one set.


My Bad, I meant Genres, I want to select Genres with my Maestro.

Could this be the answer you’re looking for:

By selecting the first beat in the reggae folder for example :thinking: I’d assume it’s called Reggae 1 :relieved: After that you can go up and down to select another beat from the same folder (genre) :yum:

I think in the manual this is called song select :slightly_smiling_face: Hope this helps :relieved:

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To learn more about MIDI song select, read more here: