MIDI Maestro - does not work at all

Okay, I wonder why I ordered the MIDI Maestro. I mean there is really no app available to edit the button CC parameter. When the app will be published? Really want to use this pedal…

I believe the app will be going into Beta shortly, if that helps.

If you have the latest firmware for the beatbuddy, i feel like the MM makes the BB loads more useful than it is without it… I never use the BB as a drummer, but as a rhythm section (drums plus bass, etc), so with the extra things the MM can do, it’s easier to go from part to part, on the fly, etc.

I’ve checked all cables and every thing they recommend. Checked the midi setting and my Tempo on my beat buddy stays the same. Can’t move it while the midi is hooked.The Beat buddy works fine without being hooked up to midi. Everything else seems to work. Just the tempo won’t scroll up and down. The MM is useless without that. Other people Are having same problem. i haven’t seen a fix yet. also wish they would get the app up and running. Really , it seems they are selling on the street without finishing the research. The Beat Buddy is a great Drum Machine . The MM just doesn’t work as should. Almost false advertising with the app thing

Try updating the firmware. Mine all works fine with the latest firmware. But otherwise, what you’re describing is very odd.

Post a video, maybe we can spot the problem.

I’ve done all of this and the tempo won’t move off of 1. Guess I’ll send it back. Great idea, but I think they need to find someone else to do the computer stuff. Been play for 54 years and have had all kinds of stuff over the years and this is a bitch to figure out. I spent a whole day trying to get it to work and is now back in its box. Too bad , good idea.

I’ve been playing with the Beat Buddy for four years (200+ shows) and the Maestro since January. No issues. So it’s not about “someone else to do the computer stuff.” Post a video. If the BB works alone but locks when you plug in the MM, this is much more likely to be user error than programming issues.

shortly = ?


I’d be happy if they would only answer their phone . 3 days and 2 messages and two phone call . Be double checked all the things on the forum and would like to move on with it. Should have bought it at Sweetwater. They at least take care of their customers

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Which of my posts was this in reference to? Oh, and let’s see if we can get their attention: @DavidPackouz @BeatBuddy_Support @BrennanSingularSound @AnthonySostre: @Dave74 is having a weird issue he believes is related to plugging in MIDI to his BB and it forcing his tempo down to 1 with no way to fix it. Maybe someone could give him a hand?

Worth a shot, Dave. Sometimes you just gotta yell for everyone. Hope they get back to you!


@Dave74 I see that you called. I am sending you an email with a solution. We will take it from there. If need be, we will replace your Maestro and/or any other faulty components.

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Support to the rescue!

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same here…I tried to upload firm ware and its been in updating firmware on the beatbuddy for 20 minutes the video said about a minute…i have my share of problems as well

Tommyrocker, I had to send all my stuff to them . Jay at Singular Sound has really bent over backwards for me. They are on there way back and we’ll go from there. They didn’t have a problem but I didn’t send my midi cables. So , even though I tried a couple combinations of cables, one of them may not be working correctly. Don’t give up, they will work with you.

its all working now…thanks a bunch!!!

Tommyrocker Was it your midi cable ?