Midi maestro expression pedal in custom mode note sending midi

Well I’ve done the update, calibration and all, but my MM is still not sending any CC when using expression pedal. In clutch mode it can clearly be seen working, but no CCs are sent when I monitor the output, neither via bluetooth nor DIN.
What gives?

Hey there, please reach out to support@singularsound.com at your earliest convenience so they can assist you

Thanks for reporting

Hi Brennan,
Can you tell me if the maestro is compatible with a Korg EXP-2 expression pedal? I think tip and ring may be reversed compared to other common pedals.
Cheers, Jim

Hey there, interesting question! We only suggest using equipment that matches our unit specs, that being said, if the polarity is reversed, it should work but will just output the opposite action, I believe

I haven’t been able to find a spec on the expression pedal interface. However, I have now determined that it is incompatible with the Korg EXP-2. When connected via a TRS cable the Korg measures a constant value of 100kohms between tip and sleeve, with the wiper of the potentiometer connected to the ring of the connector. ie; ring-sleeve resistance varies from nominal zero to 100k as the pedal is moved from min to max (toe down) position.

I have deduced that the maestro is expecting the pot wiper on the tip of the connector. Calibration doesn’t allow for different connectivity, just different values of resistance, so you really should publish a compatibility chart for this to be most useful.

Ah, this is the information I have been looking for :grin: Although, not sure if I’m ready to buy an expression pedal based on this :sweat_smile:

Does it matter what is connected to ring and sleeve? :thinking: Does calibration allow both wiring options? In other words, can MM reverse the values or does the min value need to be smaller than max (or toe/heel position) :no_mouth:


In the post above an expression pedal with wiper in ring works with the MM. I checked from FCV100 manual that that is the case :thinking:

I’m getting a bit confused :sweat_smile:

Curiouser and curiouser :face_with_peeking_eye:
If only SS would provide an actual spec on their interface it would save so much experimentation and speculation!

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