Midi maestro expression pedal

I have my MM setup on a guitar pedal board and was wanting to setup the expression pedal on the maestro and then be able to send to whichever pedal I would like to use it at, right now it looks like I can only send this to 1 device? I also see it has incrementing and decrementing commands? How does that work from what I’ve seen it’s 1 control number and it uses it to determine pedal position. I’m new to midi and am still learning.

I’ve been trying to get this working for volume expression for a while via maestro to BB using expression and the app , cc108 but it does not work ,
Tempo no problems ,

I’m now using a separate expression pedal programmable source audio reflex that works fine but is overkill for such a simple command .

As I’ve had no response from singular sound I guess there is a problem . We are in the hands of singular sound ( I’ve sent videos to them as well )

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I am in the same position. Im currently using a volume pedal inline with the BB output.
I would like to control the BB volume via expression pedal. I hope the support team can give us direction.

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Hi Brennan, is the midi maestro expression problem where near completion , ie control volume via expression

We ae working on it and hope to have something very soon for you all, thanks for the question