MIDI Maestro Features for Synth Players - Bank & Progam Changes

For the MM to be really useful to synth players in a live performance, wanting to navigate amongst 1000s of sounds on different devices, the following feature request is essential (and pretty much standard)…

  • Ability to send MIDI CC#00 (Bank Change MSB) and MIDI CC#32 (Bank Change LSB) in the same data string as MIDI Program Change (Cn).

Thanks for considering!

I believe the app allows you to program this. In fact, I’m sure of it. But the app is in Beta, I believe (@iajrz will be able to confirm), so you have to request access. I think.

Sorry to be so wishy-washy on this, but I’ve been distracted and have not played with the app in a couple of weeks. I will be getting back to it this weekend. Meanwhile, there WAS a thread for the Beta testers that addressed a lot of these questions. @BrennanSingularSound, where did the Midi Maestro B**** Mode topic go?

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It has been restored, it was deleted by accident sorry about that, thank you for notifying me

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Ah, OK thanks. So - just to confirm - the approach would be to string together three separate messages to be sent on the single press of a pedal:

  1. MIDI Controller #00 (Bank Change MSB) and value.
  2. MIDI Controller #32 (Bank Change LSB) and value.
  3. MIDI Program Change and value.

Is that implemented on the MM via the current version of Android app?

This is possible on Android app, yes.


The cool thing about MM is you can name the commands to be easy to read. For example #32 value 6 could be called Rock or Mr Blue Sky etc. This makes it easier when building up complex switching commands. So if you were to categorize your folders, you could have MSB = Metal LSB = Motorhead. Or MSB = Bells LSB = Tubular. This way having them as 3 separate commands actually reads better.

CC Bass locks
CC Chillis
PC Flea

A combined PC/CC command would still use 3 command’s but would be less flexible.

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Yes, the naming of commands with MM in this way seems really useful.