MIDI Maestro Features for Synth Players - Sequencer Control

The MM has great potential to appeal to synth/electronic music performers, as a controller for a huge range of MIDI gear. But I feel it’s currently missing some key functionalities in this respect. It would be great to consider implementing the following feature request, related to external sequencer/backing control (e.g. of WAV/MP3/SMF playback devices).

  • Ability to TRANSMIT System Real-Time commands ‘Start’ (FA), ‘Continue’ (FB) and ‘Stop’ (FC) from assigned pedal - to control external sequencer / backing device (most MIDI devices don’t use Continuous Controller messages for sequencer control).

  • Ability to transmit System Common command ‘Song Select’ (F3) from assigned pedal - to trigger loading of song/pattern from a setlist on an external playback device.

Thanks for considering!

I think it does this as well. Essentially, if you can send it from the Beat Buddy, you can likely send it from the MM. If not now, then soon, because @iajrz has been listening to us.

I don’t have a MM (yet), since I’m at investigation stage. But I downloaded and installed the Android app. I couldn’t find System Common MIDI messages (START, CONTINUE, STOP) anywhere unfortunately. Could be a very quick fix - adding good value for synth players… (BTW SONG SELECT is much lower down the request list).

We don’t have SysEx, RealTime, nor System Common MIDI messages in the MM.

SysEx are not in plans right now – last time we looked through it we had to shelve the idea. But we didn’t check the other two, so I just submitted the lot for evaluation as a group.

Thanks for pitching in!

Thanks @iajrz . Sorry for the confusion… of course Start - Continue - Stop are System RealTime messages. Only single-byte messages I believe, without any MIDI channel (FA, FB, FC). Hopefully can get through the evaluation and into the MM without any hitch. Far less complicated (or burdensome on App interface) than programming a SysEx string!

This would be so useful to include and probably be the deciding factor for me (and maybe many other keyboard players) to purchase MM (over older MIDI pedals by Roland/Yamaha).

I was really surprised to discover that Start, Stop, Continue real time message support was missing from the Midi Maestro. I wanted to control Ableton Live in external sync mode using the MM, but it appears that I cannot do this directly without this capability. Any chance of this being added in a future firmware update BrennanJasso?

There is already Stop support, you can easily generate this by creating a mode from the template of the Aeros, on the of the pages has a Stop command written to it.

We hope to deal with this in the redesign of the app, which has begun development

Thank you for your question!

Bear in mind you can use any CC to control any part of Ableton (at least in more recent versions), you may have another solution available to you like mapping CC’s to the start and stop buttons on Ableton’s Transport.

This is correct and works fine when using Ableton’s internal tempo, but if you use external sync the transport commands place the session into the paused state awaiting a real-time start message from the external source.
I do have a current work around, but it involves having Beatbuddy in the midi chain to convert CC commands to real-time start and stop messages. Another option would be to use an app such as Midiflow with an iPhone or iPad in the path to perform the conversion, but it would certainly be preferable to have native support for these message in the MM.
Thanks for the response Brennan :wink: Slightly curious as to why the Aeros supports STOP and not START?

The original app design was flawed from conception the largest thing now is making sure 2.0 does not have these major flaws.

The main reason is the Stop command in part of the Default Mode for the Aeros. There is no such case for Start. We hope to right these wrongs soon, stay tuned!