MIDI Maestro gold edition?

Hi, there. I’m considering getting a MM, but in the videos I’ve seen the buttons seem to make a significant click. Is this correct? Is there a Midi Maestro Gold edition in the works?

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Hey there,

We may do this but do not have any active plans at this time, thanks for the question!

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I noticed the clicks as well on one of the tutorial videos. I don’t imagine it would be noticeable in live shows. I have a tc helicon vocal device I use live with buttons that have an audible click, but the clicks aren’t noticeable during a live show In a recording studio you may have to isolate, though.

In stock at Sweetwater. MM gold edition.

Is there any chance to replace the buttons for the MM with gold edition buttons? Would be great to get the silent buttons without having to replace the whole unit (which works fine)…

I’m pretty sure that Brennan may have answered this in a similar vein when they came out with the AEROS Gold and was asked if a user could replace the existing switches with silent ones—that was a “no.”

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Unfortunately, the buttons cannot be swapped out, the PCB was changed to support the changes in button design

Thanks for the question!

Too bad. Thanks anyways.

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[MIDI Maestro Gold Edition: the Easy, Customizable MIDI Foot Controller](Now it’s gold)