MIDI Maestro iOS App version 1.4.1

Hello there fellow Maestros!

We have released a new version of the iOS app, available for download in the App Store (search for “Singular Sound MIDI Maestro”). Details below. Please comment below (nicely) if you see any additional bugs/issues.

MIDI Maestro iOS app 1.4.1 Changelog


  • Default Mode Templates and content fixed
  • Autocapitalization improvements
  • App crash when uploading to MM fixed
  • All command types are supported (CC, PC, PB, NoteOn/Off)
  • Press and Release settings are now supported per command
  • MIDI Cable and MIDI BLE Outputs are both available per command
  • Improved app stability (less crashes)
  • Sharing and downloading of commands is supported
  • Fixed Keyboard obscuring text input fields

We have a new team working on the iOS and Android apps for the MIDI Maestro, and we expect to make good progress moving forward. We know it has been a (very) long wait, but we are committed to making this app and your MIDI Maestro experience nothing short of excellent.



this version is much better, thank you, but :

  • impossible to change anything in a custom command after you created it (“save” doesn’t work)
  • no button for delete a custom command

Hope this will help.

Does anyone actually test this product before release? Even the most basic functions don’t work in the iOS version.