Midi Maestro making noise, like an oscillator when selecting any of the accent hits

Hello. Just joined and have searched for this topic but could not find anything related. As it says in the header, when i tap accent hits, then select any of the accents i get an oscillator noise that differs in each of the categories. I thought maybe a firmware upgrade would help but it did not. Anyone else experiencing this and if so have you solved the issue? I have the original silver face with version 1.1.9 installed. Everything else works as far as I know. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Also have noticed that the upper left screen sometimes scrambles and comes back into focus when i push on the screen…


Just to clarify, does the sound come from MM itself or from BB? :thinking:

If from MM then is it the same with custom mode that includes the accent hits? :upside_down_face:

It’s feeding through the beat buddy. When I step on the accent, ie., crash, within the accent menu, it will make the beat buddy produce a continuous low frequency oscillation that will not stop unless i cycle through next part or something that will interrupt the oscillation.

Stock card setup from website, no premium sounds. MM is in custom mode, beat buddy. I have been using it this way for over a year with no prior issues. Like i mentioned earlier, i thought maybe something was corrupting or whatever, and thought that the firmware upgrade might solve the issue, but it didn’t. 2 button pedal with beat buddy activates accent correctly.

Are you using the Singular Sound power supplies for both pedals and are you using a remote foot switch with the BB?

How are you connecting to the BeatBuddy (BB), via wire or wirelessly?

What about your MIDI patch cables, have you tried changing them?

Does the BB make noise when standalone and pressing the accent?

All original power supplies, all original cables i received with the units.
Midi maestro is connected to beat buddy from midi out to breakout cable, midi in. breakout cable attached to beat buddy. midi out from beat buddy to midi in of boss rc-505 and bb is set as master. 2 button BB foot switch cable to footswitch in. mono out from beat buddy to mixer channel input. output of mixer to boss rc-505. out of boss rc-505 to orange pedal baby which feeds a budda 2x12. This is the exact setup i have been using for over a year with no issues. same cables, same location, all fed into a furman power strip/signal conditioner. nothing in my setup has changed. I experienced the problem before updating the firmware and is why i updated the firmware to its current version.

Midi maestro is in custom, beat buddy mode. I have not programmed any user settings. its using the stock setup for the beat buddy in custom mode.

When pressing accent button on BB 2 button foot switch, i dont hear the oscillation and it functions correctly. Its when i go to accents menu in MM, then select a different accent that is available in the individual slots when i get the oscillations. the beat buddy functions correctly in all aspects, its only the accent menu within the midi maestro that is malfunctioning.

Oscillation is overpowering and sounds like a synth bass note that is being held and will not stop unless the beat buddy is cycled through to the next part or stopped, or just something that interrupts the oscillation or signal being sent from the MM.

final edit: forgot to mention, i dl the factory sd card and put it on a 32GB SD (was going to try to attempt making custom drumkits). Original was 16GB, however, the oscillation happens when using either.
I don’t move this stuff around but could be a bad midi cable i guess. I will try a spare i have. Has to be a rogue midi signal triggering something in the BB. Could that be something from a control chip doing that though? As i noticed the LCD in top left window scrambling and gets better when pushing on window… maybe a loose connection inside? Haven’t opened it yet, was hoping maybe to have a solution before having to tear apart. Thanks again all.

Thanks for the details. I see you’ve already updated the Maestro firmware. Did you also update the Default Mode? If not, recommend you update the firmware and Default Mode again. It might not hurt even if you’ve done so already.

If this doesn’t solve the noise problem, connect only the BeatBuddy and Maestro. Test using headphones only from the BB. If you still have the noise, please contact support@singularsound.com for help.

If there is no noise, connect one more pedal to your chain. The idea is to run test iterations adding one more component to your signal chain to isolate as best you can where the problem is happening.

Please let us know how you resolve the problem.

Ok. Will do. I believe default mode was updated as after updating FW to 1.9.1, i had the EEPROM Invalid error. Panicked for a second thinking I bricked the unit, but saw on this forum to do the default mode update as well. Will try the cables and testing with only the midi maestro and beat buddy as suggested when i get home from work. Thanks. This could have been happening for a while, but like i mentioned i am starting to want to create custom drum sets/songs and was cycling through stuff on the maestro and found this happening. I do know that when i first got the unit, the accents were working as normal from the MM, because it was an open box from amazon, and i wanted to make sure everything was kosher.
Havent done anything to the assignments because i was having a hard time figuring out the app, so i just left it alone for the time being.

ok. i have figured out whats going on. it sounded like a bass note being held because thats what it was. i recently bought a nts1 synth to pair up with my volca keys. i had the midi hooked up wrong and the maestro was doing what it was supposed to, it triggered the nts1. i forgot to mention midi cables running thru a couple midi hubs. so after unhooking everything and adding in things, finally connected the nts1 and that was the noise. each accent button shifted the pitch on the synth. I feel like a dummy. thanks for helping me troubleshoot this. was really worried somehow i fried my MM.

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Hey, that’s great news. Thank you for sharing how you fixed it.

i appreciate yall taking the time to help me figure out my mistake. Great group and mods!
Thanks again,

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