'MIDI Maestro' new BB midi controller

Any new news? Maybe a manual or a proper spec sheet? I want to give you my money – just give me half a reason!

Jay? David? Bueller? Bueller?




I am also very interessted but I need more details about the functions and features.


From what you guys do know of this device, would this be able to replace my Irig Blueboard?

Based on the pictures shown, the Midi Maestro does have a power connection. The Irig Blueboard on the other hand, runs on batteries (which I hate). I like to power up everything via electrical power switching (i.e., no battery usage).

What functions is the BlueBoard performing in your rig? One issue I see is that I use my BlueBoard for page scrolling in OnSong. That uses the Bluetooth capabilities of the Blueboard and the iPad. I suppose I could use a non-Bluetooth midi pedal to do that, but I would need the iRig Pro connected to my iPad to give a proper midi port, and then I would also likely need to use a midi splitter to give me two midi outs from the midi pedal. That would be a bit cumbersome at best. But again, for your purposes, it will depend on the function of the BlueBoard in your rig.

David joined me on another thread to answer a few questions. Have a look, see if it helps:




Yes. Knowing what functions I use with the iRig would have helped. Sorry about that. I’m actually doing very minimal functionality with the iRig and run it with Quantiloop. Beatbuddy and Quantiloop are all rigged together and MIDI synced, and then I just use the iRig to start and stop a Quantiloop recording, or for doing track punch-ins and stops. Basic. Nothing fancy as yet like changing tempos, or songs, etc. I would think the Midi Maestro would be a good substitute but wanted to check.

From what I have seen so far, the basic midi start and stop functions would be covered by the Midi Maestro.

I saw this posted on YouTube. MIDI Maestro talk starts at the 5:21 mark:

Do BB owners get a coupon code ?

Coupon Code?