'MIDI Maestro' new BB midi controller


Still not around until ‘May 2018’ but nice to see some pics and specs at last!

Jeez, am I the only one interested in this thing?

The idea is nice. I like the features. I’d like to see how the tempo control via expression pedal gets implemented.

Looks cool.
If only they would come out with a Looper that works seamlessly with the beatbuddy. This would be pretty useful then. (Hint hint singular sound)

$250.00 6 button midi controller seem expensive.

It says that it’s programmable thru a smartphone app. I went to Apples app store and did a search for MIDI Maestro. There is already an app by that name that has nothing to do with this product. I believe that what sets it apart is the displays and the multiple MIDI messages sent per push.
Also this guy on electric is pretty good

Where are you guys getting your info from? All I have seen is, essentially, “This: $250.” I’d like to know a lot more about it.

I believe this MC6 does the same thing and it is cheaper plus it has 2x expression pedal ports for other uses. I have 2 of them with 4 expression pedals controlling all my midi on my IOS device. BiasFX/Beat Buddy/Sample Tank IOS/ OnSong/ etc…


I have an MC6 as well – because it is an amazing value. The Maestro appears to have a bit more functionality built in, and especially the scribble strips are a nice touch. For the $20 difference in price, I think the Maestro also represents an excellent value – but I need a lot more info. Which is where I came in to this conversation.


scroll down after the page loads

Yep, thanks, I saw that, and it gives me some of the basics. But it doesn’t tell me what I need to know. Things like which devices it supports natively, what MIDI commands it runs, how the paging works, what the programming looks like, how the MIDI ins and outs function, that sort of thing. I would also like to see a demo – one with the BB and another outboard piece of gear, preferably.

I’m sure that will all come in time, however its a safe bet that it will work similar to any other midi controller.
The game changer here is having both midi over Bluetooth and hardware midi on the same device.

They probably won’t provide full details for a while as a) it’s not quite ready yet and b) it’s nowhere near the ‘May 2018’ release date quoted (and it’ll probably end up coming out way later than this).

I do really want this to be good, but with the minimal info available, having to really get expression pedals added and it seemingly designed again as foot controller when it could have so easily been designed to also work by hand a “beat buddy remote control for keyboard players” with a couple extra knobs, there is no way I’m preordering.

Plus I’ve no idea how much I’d be stung for uk shipping plus Vat and import duties…

That’s actually the problem: The MIDI implementation and capabilities of the pedals out there vary wildly from brand to brand and from model to model. And your game-changer may or may not actually be; even if there is some indication Bluetooth support, there’s no way to know that it’s for MIDI or that it works simultaneously with hardware. I really hope all of this is true, but before I plop down my hard-earned ducats, I’d like to know what I’m buying.

The up-side to all of this is that, although they’ve had technical issues with their software and website, Singular has proven to be excellent at designing and building hardware. I hope to (have enough information to) add this to my collection very soon.

Oh man - being able to control dynamics via expression pedal is very tasty!

Does anyone understand the difference between the expression pedal and extension pedal on the midimaestro? Will it be possible to run two expression pedals, one for tempo and one for volume?

Also just thinking…will the app be available separately and will the app work as a Beatbuddy controller independently? Although I could work with midimaestro or something similar, on balance, as a keyboard player I think I’d prefer an eye level app controller.

I hope that the manager and firmware received some attention during this lull in updates. I guess I don’t know enough about this to be fired up about it.

Given that there isn’t much in the way of details out there yet for this, I have a few more questions that will help me towards getting my ultimate setup sorted. The question are all inter-related I think. If they can be answered great, if not then at least I’ve logged them and hopefully bb support will get round to them eventually

  1. will the Bluetooth connection allow for wireless midi and not just some proprietary connection to a singular sound app?
  2. if Bluetooth midi is supported will it suppor midi soft thru, and can same be routed to the physical midi out? That is, is the midi out port configurable like that on the Beatbuddy itself?
  3. I understand there will be an expression pedal jack that can be used for tempo control and an extension footswitch jack to use with the existing Beatbuddy footswitch. Is there a singular sound solution for volume control via a pedal or switch, or would a third-party volume pedal on the Beatbuddy outputs be the only option?
  4. any idea about the functions we will get when singular sound announce their own expression pedal? I saw the Theory Thursday NAMM YouTube clip that suggested it would do more than just tempo.
  5. seeing as the actual buttons on the next version of the footswitch will be like those on the midimaestro, is there are upgrade option for existing footswitch users to be able to replace those that are painful when jamming in your socks?!
  6. finally, depending on answer to the Bluetooth question, can BT, USB and physical 5 pin MIDI sockets all be used at the same time with different devices?

Thanks :slight_smile: