Midi Maestro Operation Question

Can the Midi Maestro effectively allow the Aeros and BB to transition to the next part using the tap of one button only?

I was hoping that they would set up the BB to transition the Aeros in 6x6 mode by holding the transition button on the BB, I’ve been told they don’t have plans to do that. Do I need to buy a MM to be able to do this?

Yes, you can move to any part with one tap using MM.

The Aeros can do this as master with the next part switch of the looper
Take a look here you will see the settings too (it’s 2X2 mode but you will see the parts changing on both)
Aeros Loop Studio 5.0 beta. Preselect the transition (FR/ENG) - YouTube

Just one inconvenient
If you have 3 parts on the Aeros and 2 parts on the Beatbuddy
The Aeros gonna change the parts of the looper , but The Beatbuddy gonna stay on part 2
Better explain
The Parts are working together on both gears
The trick if you want more parts on the Beatbuddy is to copy/paste with BB manager

Thanks NYHC. I know the Aeros can as master, but I want to use the BB as the master so I can still use the intro drum fills.

So it will move the BB’s part and the Aeros part at the same time with one press of a button?

Than you can do it with the MM
Just put the right commands

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Hey there,

To explain what’s happening under the hood:

The Aeros and the BeatBuddy both respond to most CC:113 command values in the same fashion

CC:113 value 1-6 chooses parts on the Aeros, and CC:113 value 0 starts that transition
On BeatBuddy, CC:113 values 1-32 start the transition loop on the BeatBuddy, and sets the part to which the BeatBuddy will transition to. If the part does not exist, the value is ignored (e.g. CC:113 value 11 is sent but the BeatBuddy song does not have 11 or more parts). CC:113 value 0 stops the loop and finalizes the transition at the next measure. CC:113 value 126 and 127 choose the next or previous part on both units.

When the BeatBuddy Transitions, it sends a CC:102 command by default in order to control the Aeros transitions. In 2x2 mode, the Aeros will switch parts immediately when it receives this command. In 6x6 mode, it will switch to a part if that part is currently selected (and not the currently open part). This can be turned off in the BeatBuddy settings (Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Next Part (CC-102))

It may make sense to adjust some settings in other configurations like when using the MIDI Maestro.

The MIDI Maestro CC:113 value 1-6 and 0 commands all work the same on both Aeros and BeatBuddy, as do the CC:113 value 126 and value 127 commands (Previous and Next Part; require CC:113 value 0 sent afterwards in order to work)

You could send any of those commands to both units to control both at the same time and switch parts, just set the CC:113 value 1-6, 126, or 127 command to be sent on the press and send the CC:113 value 0 command on the release, one tap of the button will send both required commands or you can hold down the button to release when you want the transition to occur. In the case the MM is doing all the switching of parts, you may wish to disable the CC:102 command from being sent by the BeatBuddy as it is superfluous.

Check out the full list of MIDI commands here

Watch a tutorial on the MIDI Maestro Custom Modes here

Hope this is helpful, although maybe overwhelming haha!

Thanks for the question

Brennan, thank you for the detailed response. I’m thinking about getting the MM for these reasons. Thanks for everything y’all are doing.

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Can you use the singular sound external foot switch (2 button) with the midi maestro and program the left switch to have the CC:113 value 127 command on press and the CC:113 value 0 command on release? Or will the external foot switch only switch pages on the MM?

I’m about to buy one and wanted to know if that can be done before I buy the MM and an additional foot switch. I already have one with my BB.

Also meant to ask,

Does the external foot switch have the capability to have different functionality while the song is playing when connected to the MM? Similar to how the foot switch can do different things with BB while the song is stopped, playing, or paused?

Only switch pages

The external footswitch does not have any features other than to switch on the MIDI Maestro pages one by one

The point is to free the need for buttons that have redirect commands from the MIDI Maestro so you can use more buttons on the device itself and still navigate all the pages.

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Thank you Brennan

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