Midi Maestro or Morningstar MC6


I have BB and Aeros (still getting to grips with the latter).

I bought a s/h Maestro which was great, except that it had an intermittent fault on one of the switches.

This has made be wary of buying a new MM replacement. Will it fail like the s/h one?

The Monringstar MC 6 (or MC8) get great reviews - anyone have any direct experience of using them both?

I appreciate that the MM is set up out of the box for BB and Aeros, but I don’t mind putting the configuration work in for a long term solution.

I started with the MM for use with my Aeros and BB, but ultimately switched to an MC6 to control my BB and wouldn’t go back. I actually also have an MC6 Pro that I use to control my Captor X amp load box, but I haven’t had the need to use either MC6 for the Aeros since the latest FW update. I liked the simplicity of the MM, but as I learned more about MIDI programming, the MC6 was the way to go for me.

Interesting. Thanks.

The pro looks interesting, an MM-esque display, not sure if it has any other core capabilities. Not available in the UK yet. At £400 it’s a fair investment.

I have the MC6 Pro which I use to control the BeatBuddy and other devices.
What I like is how highly customisable it is. On some “pages” I have switches to control both the BeatBuddy and other devices (it doesn’t have to be in BeatBuddy mode or other mode)
Also each switch can send multiple MIDI messages to multiple devices at the same time on press/hold/release/long press/etc.
I haven’t used the Midi Maestro.

Great, thanks.

By quickly searching it seems the Morningstar MC6 has some things better and MM some:


  • 10 “presets”
  • One expression pedal
  • Bluetooth to host
  • Press, release, toggle


  • 30 presets
  • Two expression pedals
  • USB to host
  • Many more press, release, double tap, hold, etc

Personally I’m happy with MM especially with the Bluetooth, but I’m having second thoughts as the MC6 seems to be better in all other fronts :sweat_smile:

I’d guess that modifying the presets through USB is a lot faster than through Bluetooth low energy that the MM uses :face_with_peeking_eye:

But I’m happy to support Singular Sound as I’m very happy with the BB.

Plus the gigs I have used MM I have used only single preset per gig, and only needed press and release. Although I could have used the MC6 scroll by holding feature :sweat_smile:

Note: I’m also using MobileSheets on my tablet via Bluetooth, so that reduces the needs of different presets a lot :yum:

Once my HX Stomp arrives next week I’ll be controlling that and BB (and MobileSheets) with MM :smile:


HX Stomp is on my radar too. It would be great to know how you get on.

I’m using OnSong.

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