MM - hybrid use for BB and Aeros


I’ve had brief experience with MM and I’m aware it has a BB mode and an Aeros mode. There were options on each mode I won’t use.

I think my optimum experience will a hybrid approach i.e. be able to control the BB and Aeros from a single MM.

Is that possible, feasible?

I sort of expect that the switches can be configured for anything in theory but what about the MIDI I/O? I’d want BB to be the master.

Any downsides to my crazy plan?

If it’s feasible, would a different controller e.g. Morningstar MC6 be better suited?

The MM can have up to 10x6x2 different functions, and each function can have max 8 MIDI commands so that’s quite a lot :yum:

Note: The x2 is the toggle option.

I believe that most of the BB and Aeros functions are one or two MIDI commands so they fit well into single function.

You should be able to pass the MIDI commands through the BB into Aeros, but if there’s any problems in this sector then different MIDI controller doesn’t help.

P.S. I don’t use Aeros so I can’t give any deeper tips for this, but hopefully this helps :relieved:

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Hey there,

To answer your question on the MIDI Maestro, it has 3 modes: The 2 preset default modes for the Aeros and the BeatBuddy and the optional Custom Mode. The custom mode can be edited to handle all sorts of MIDI Commands, you can read more about it in the MIDI Maestro Manual.

Make sure your MIDI Maestro firmware is up to date on version 1.1.9 and that you have the MIDI Maestro app (Google Play Store/App Store)downloaded.

You can control both the Aeros and BeatBuddy, or any other MIDI-capable device, using the custom mode. You can create the custom mode using the MIDI Maestro app. Check out this thorough how-to video on how to use the different MIDI Maestro app functions to customize your mode:

There are no downsides this is a very common use case and I, personally, use it this way all the time :slight_smile:

If you are using Onsong or any iPad controller, you’re going to like that the MIDI Maestro can be easily used as a BLE to MIDI converter. Simply connect your control app to the MM while it is in BLE pairing mode (hold the Bluetooth button on the back of the MIDI Maestro for 3s until the blue light is blinking) and it will convert BLE into MIDI. This removes the need for a BLE dongle to be used.

Thanks for the question, hope this was helpful, let me know!

Great, information. Thanks.

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My pleasure!