Midi maestro pages bug

Just wondering what’s going on here, I have a dual momentary pedal plugged into midi maestro to change pages of my custom midi setup. The problem is when I hit a pedal quick twice or more to for eg. go from page 1 to 3, the pedal 1 and six still show the midi Cc setup for page 1. This is such a headf##k!

Hey there,

Seeing this issue too, has been reported to the Devs

Basically, the MM is being overwhelmed with fast taps. Hopefully, we can find ways to improve this soon. For now, I would suggest finding new ways to reach that far-away page using a redirect command or possibly rethinking some aspects of your layout on the app. You could also try changing pages a little slower, not ideal but that is the crux of the issue.

You can learn about how to use redirects using the MIDI Maestro Manual.

Thanks for reporting!

I have not this problem with the Beatbuddy footswitch or the Boss FS 6
If you use the Boss FS6 take care that when you lok at the back, that the polarity are on the left (B SIDE)
Alos I don’t use expression pedal and what I did
is calibrate my footswitch on the MM using pedal calibration
Press Max on switch A
Press Min on switch B
And works perfect to navigate up & down
Also no problem when pressing twice