Midi Maestro Pause/Unpause command

Hi. I am completely new to Midi and have just purchased the MIDI Maestro for use with the Beatbuddy. I note in the list of MIDI commands obtained under the ‘supplemental documents’ within the Singular sound support page that there is a command to pause/unpause the Beatbuddy i.e.
CC:111 Pause
Unpause. 0 Unpause the current song
Pause. 1 Pause the current song
Pause/ Unpause. >1 Toggle between pause and unpause

Can someone tell me how to;

  1. programme’ the relevant MIDI commands within the app
  2. Programme the relevant button within the app

All I need is for one switch to toggle between pause/unpause.
Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

For one on one help please feel free to reach out to support@singularsound.com

But, there’s a very helpful walkthrough video that should help immensely!

You can also always refer to the MIDI Maestro App section in the MIDI Maestro Manual.

Thanks for the questions!