MIDi Maestro powered itself off, won't come back on

I bought a pair of these when they first came out, pre-bought, waited eight months or so, got them, and then promptly put them away until I needed them.

Which turned out to be about three weeks ago. Yesterday, while using one of them to switch channels on an amp, it turned itself off and won’t come back on. Wasn’t even touching it at the time, but I noticed when the lights went out. The same power supply did run my other MM just fine, so it’s not a power issue.

Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions/solutions before I take a screwdriver to it and go exploring?

I haven’t seen any other forum post with a similar MM issue. If anyone else has experienced the problem, they might have contacted support@singularsound.com who may have a solution handy.

Yep, @persist , they’re my next stop. I just thought there might be some insight available here, or maybe @BrennanSingularSound might weigh in.

Despite the fact that the unit had run a total of about three hours in its entire life, I did buy it on the pre-sale (was it a Kickstarter, too? I can’t remember, but I bought when they announced), so it’s way way way out of warranty. Which is why I’m willing to open her up and see if I can find something simple – like a cold solder joint or the like.

Anyway, I’ll contact them later this weekend.


This seems like something for support, can’t speak to what happened here it does not sound like a bug.

Please write to support@singulrsound.com at your earliest convenience, thank you

Will do, thanks!