MIDI Maestro - question on accessibility

Just a question for those using the MIDI Maestro, and with large feet - how do you find locating and tapping the correct switches with your feet? Looking at the pics (the only resource I can access) they look relatively close together…the units are close to $500 down here so I need to be sure about actually using it…it will be sorta kinda hidden from direct view under the keyboard. So unlike guitarists, who I imagine can see the switches, I’d be sorta tapping out of “memory” if you get me so the possibility if hitting a wrong switch is high…


Maybe this will help. From top to bottom, I have a Boss FS-6, then the Midi Maestro nest to an Aeros, an iK Blue Board, a TC Switch 6, and a Morningstar MC6.

The Midi Maestro and Aeros have the same button spacing. The FS6 is slightly wider, as is the BlueBoard. The Morningstar has the closest spacing, but it does have the back row of button higher than the front.

I don’t think any of them a particularly easy to access unseen, but that would depend upon your foot dexterity. If you play an organ footboard, some of these might be fine. Otherwise, I imagine they would all take a deal of getting used to.


Cool, that does help thanks Phil…I have a blueboard as well so that pic give a good perspective.

I find the switch spacing on the MM to be quite good. Also, the LEDs above each button are quite legible and bright so even standing I can read the function of each switch. I also have the Boss FS switches and two blueboards which I hope to be able to connect to the BB and Aeros one day…

But I am very satisfied with my MM purchase and do recommend it if you have a BB and an Aeros.

Cool, thanks for that. I am just trying to negotiate a better price with the dealer down here. It’s near $500, which is not far from the cost of the BB itself