Midi Maestro Releasdate?


I have pre-ordered the MIDI Maestro and would like to ask for the delivery date. The FAQ area is December 2018. Is there an exact release date?

Question: If I additionally order Cabli, can it be delivered together with the Midi Maestro?

Greetings from Germany

There was an email from David about this. I’m not sure what the current target is (no access to that email) but it’s in the spring of 2019. they had some issues with the dev team they hired, and they’ve had to pull the project back into their main dev team.

@DavidPackouz will be able to tell you more.


Our current estimate is May 2019 if all goes well.

Cabli delivery estimate is Feb/March. We will ship as soon as each product becomes available unless we get a request to ship everything together. For such requests, please email us at support@singularsound.com

Hello David,

Unfortunately, I did not receive an email again. This does not necessarily make it easier to wait for the MIDI Maestro.

You emailed us and did not receive a reply? Please send me a private message with your email address and I’ll have it looked into immediately.