Midi Maestro simultaneous control of Beat Buddy and Aeros?

I’m trying to ascertain whether I can have the midi maestro hooked up to both the beat buddy and the aeros simultaneously. I want to use it to expand my options with the Beat Buddy (specifically, to switch to different song parts out of order), and also I would like to use it for single tap mute/undo/and to play song parts out of order on the Aeros.

As far as I can tell, either the Beat Buddy midi out can go into the Aeros midi in, with the Midi Maestro going into the midi in of the Beat Buddy, or the reverse scenario (MM --> Aeros --> Beat Buddy) is possible. Do either of these devices have midi through?

If I use the latter setup and trigger song part changes on the Aeros, will the Aeros send midi commands to the Beat Buddy to change to the associated song parts? If that’s the case, would initiating recording on the Aeros trigger the intro fill on the Beat Buddy, leading into the first song part and commencing recording?

I’m ready to pull the trigger on the Midi Maestro and I want to be sure I will be able to do what I want to do here. (I can’t imagine this hasn’t been thought out, but without a manual to read I’m here asking.)

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The Beatbuddy has a MIDI/MERGE
setting for the OUT port. With this setting enabled the Beatbuddy will pass any incoming messages that it receives to the OUT port. The Beatbuddy will also send internally-generated commands to the out port. I’m not sending any through messages to the Aeros but I do control the Beatbuddy exclusively with the midi foot controller and when I change song parts the Aeros appears to follow the commands that the Beatbuddy generates to switch parts. However I cannot select songs this way on the Aeros but in my situation I don’t have many songs that I need to recall. I suspect that the Maestro doesn’t support changing modes on the fly via foot switching. It looks to me like you have to push the button on the back side of the unit to change modes. And that would be the problem, you really need more than 6 switches to control both the Aeros and Beatbuddy effectively in my opinion. However I could be wrong on some of my assumptions about the Maestro.

Hey there, the Aeros has MIDI thru as well as the BeatBuddy, what goes in will come out through the out port. The MIDI commands for the Aeros and BeatBuddy are on separate channels, so sending Aeros commands would not affect the BB and BB commands wouldn’t affect the Aeros, other than the simple Start/Stop/Transition messages. This will only be doable however with the full MIDI mapping of the Aeros which will be out in 1-2mos.

With the Custom Mode, you would be able to map out functions so to use the Aeros and BeatBuddy in conjunction with one Maestro. The app is out in the coming days for Android and in 2-3 weeks for iOS. With the app you could create a custom mode that works for this set-up. Again this will only be doable in 1-2mos with full MIDI mapping of Aeros.