Midi Maestro Switch Came Out

So the top right switch on my MM came out. The nut and washer were rattling around in there. I have a show tonight and have it taped in place which works for now.

I took the back plate off and it looks like I’ll have to remove several screws from the circuit board to get access to where I can put the nut and washer back on. Has anyone dealt with this before? Are the any gotchas or things I should know before I attempt to :

  • remove the screws from the circuit board
  • gently pull back the circuit board
  • reattach the washer and nut
  • tighten any loose nuts while I am in there
  • screw the circuit board back in

Alternatively I could just live with the button attached with scotch tape.

@BeatBuddy_Support - Can you guys offer any advice on this? I don’t want to risk breaking something.