Midi maestro template for hx stomp

Hey how’s it going I have about the same set up with the aeros/BB,MM, Collider, HXstomp, and a couple other dirt pedals I tried to hook up the HX into the MM custom mode but had no luck, how would I wire it to the MM, to the HX, What’s the midi configuration and is there a HX template on the MM, android app sorry not to experienced with midi I got my BB as master I tried it as aeros as master but it didn’t work out so well sorry I’m a midiot. I updated to latest firmware, if that helps

Trying to get midi maestro to change presets and bypass switches for effects blocks in HX stomp from the maestro I seen a couple videos but not to many videos bon setting up custom modes for the HX stomp, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Brennan, I recently got a HX stomp and haven’t had much luck hooking it up to MM, I’m not to familiar with midi yet I got my aeros and BB to work but it was a plug and play ez pezy, why can’t I get custom mode to recognize my HX stomp?

Have they implemented a hx stomp template yet? I’ve tried everything I can’t even get bb to synck with aeros, when I change tempo on the BB it doesn’t change The tempo on aeros or the stomp with BB as master clock yes I put aeros to receive and hx stomp to midi receive midi out of stomp to in of MM, and it does not change tempo when I change on the BB!??

Sorry just not getting any answers about ready to sell my maestro and dry something else , I’m just not getting it I thought it was supposed to be plug and play I can’t even get an answer how to even hook up the midi cables in what order the Bluetooth is a joke! It never worked to even attempt to make a template, so I haven’t been used my singular sound gear I’ve paid over a thousand bucks for because I can’t figure nothing out and not getting much help from forum or YouTube there is not ONE VIDEO showing how to even hook up the cables or even how to go a out looking for the information, about ready to give up on singular sound!!

I think Singular Sound would hate to lose you as a customer. When you don’t get a reply to your questions on the forum or from the Facebook group, it could mean that the answer does not exist or that users are just too busy or unable to reply.

If you can’t get answers here on the forum you might be able to find solutions from the user manuals. While they might not be tailored to your specific requirements, they usually help to get you started off on the right foot.

If that doesn’t help, try contacting support@singularsound.com and see what they can do.

Must not exist, morning star has a midi controller hooked to hx stomp w/video, but I have a controller already I thought I did? midi is midi it should be a no brainier. I’m learning midi slowly

This is a lot of commands for HX Stomp :

Select a patch Change Pc data: 0 is preset 1, 1 is preset 2 etc…
Simulate exp pedal 1 : CC 1 Value 127
Simulate exp Pedal 2 : CC 2 Value 127
Simulate FS1 : CC 49 Value 0
Simulate FS2 : CC 50 Value 0
Simulate FS3 : CC 51 Value 0
Simulate FS4 : CC 52 Value 0
Simulate FS5 : CC 53 Value 0
Looper recording : CC 60 Value 127
Looper Overdub : CC 60 Value 0
Looper play : CC 61 Value 127
Looper Stop : CC 61 Value 0
Looper play once : CC 62 Value 127
Looper undo/redo : CC 63 Value 127
Looper forward : CC 65 Value 0
Looper Reverse : CC 65 Value 127
Looper Half speed : CC 66 Value 127
Looper Full Speed : CC 66 Value 0
Tap Tempo : CC 64 Value 127
Tuner On/Off Toggle :CC 68 Value 0
Select a snapshot : CC 69 Value 0 for snapshot 1, Value 1 for snapshot 2 etc…
Previous snapshot : CC 69 Value 9
Next snapshot :CC 69 Value 8
Unit bypass : CC 70 Value 0
Unit On : CC70 Value 127
Set unit Footswitch mode to Stomp Mode :CC 71 Value 0
Set unit Footswitch mode to scroll mode :CC 71 Value 1
Set unit Footswitch mode to preset mode : CC 71 Value 2
Set unit Footswitch mode to snapshot mode : CC 71 Value 3
Previous footswitch mode CC 71 Value 5
Next footswitch mode: CC 71 Value 4

This is to affect a preset change on a midi controller IF HXSTOMP have setlist

Command 1 : Midi CC Channel (yours) CC 32 Value 3 for setlist 4 (always 1 back)
Command 2 : PC Channel (yours) PC 23 for preset 24 (always 1 back, but not sure for the PC change you need to test)
Combine this with any Midi cc For the looper
Take care about the Press and Release depend what you want

Hope this can help

Thanks Steve! This will help me tremendously I appreciate the help.

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