Midi Maestro to control Beat Buddy and Looper

Hey all! I just got the Midi Maestro to use with my Beat Buddy. I wanted to buy an EHX 22500 Looper and wondered if the MM would be able to be used as a Master for both the BB and EHX via the Midi Clock on the MM. Thanks a lot!

Is there a Midi input on your EHX 22500? I think No
you need a looper with midi input .

I haven’t purchased a looper yet. I have the midi maestro and beat buddy. Seems like the only viable semi-affordable option is the infinity as I want to save loops and the boomerang doesn’t do this. The ehx would’ve been great but I guess not. Thanks for your help

I use Quantiloop. it is a software based looper, works excellent with the BeatBuddy

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Hmmmm, I’d need to buy an iPad. What the cheapest one that’ll run Quantiloop do you know? What midi foot controller are you using? Thanks a lot!!