Midi Maestro to control Beat Buddy and Looper

Hey all! I just got the Midi Maestro to use with my Beat Buddy. I wanted to buy an EHX 22500 Looper and wondered if the MM would be able to be used as a Master for both the BB and EHX via the Midi Clock on the MM. Thanks a lot!

Is there a Midi input on your EHX 22500? I think No
you need a looper with midi input .

I haven’t purchased a looper yet. I have the midi maestro and beat buddy. Seems like the only viable semi-affordable option is the infinity as I want to save loops and the boomerang doesn’t do this. The ehx would’ve been great but I guess not. Thanks for your help

I use Quantiloop. it is a software based looper, works excellent with the BeatBuddy

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Hmmmm, I’d need to buy an iPad. What the cheapest one that’ll run Quantiloop do you know? What midi foot controller are you using? Thanks a lot!!

It needs to be 64 bit, so at least an Ipad air, i am using an Airturn BT200 foot control, and a audio midi interface. I really like it a lot

Cool, thanks. I have an airturn midi foot controller and wanted to get an iPad. What midi interface are you using? Pro duo irig looks to be popular. Can you run Quantiloop alongside say amplitude on the same iPad with 2 separate midi foot switches connected?