Midi Maestro to trigger synth pads for a live performance

Hey Good People!
I am a guitarist in a 3 piece. I am looking for the ability to trigger a synth pad during parts of our songs… during a guitar solo, or during the choruses etc… I need to trigger these via foot pedals, which is why I am looking at the Midi Maestro. I would be using my iPad to trigger synth sounds via Sunrizer or the synth sounds in Garage Band. This would be in a live situation.

Has anyone used the Midi Maestro in this context? Any feedback or advice? Thank you in advance!

As long as your MM is connected to the iPad somehow (BLE or wired) and the iPad is expecting MIDI commands, then yes this should work fine

Any device that responds to MIDI can be controlled by the MIDI Maestro

Thanks for the question!

I have never thought of using my MIDI Maestro in this way. Y’all have given me some ideas…:smirk:

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