Midi Maestro "Toggle" Commands in Ableton Live 10

I’m now trying to work on controlling Ableton with my MM. I’ve been able to map some commands with using either cc #commands or notes on/off commands fairly easily.

My problem is that when I try to do a start/stop toggle type command, I can’t get it to work. If I want to start it, I have to use one pedal on the MM with one specific cc# or note # (and the usual 127 value for on and 0 for off) and then a second pedal for the off command.

Does anyone know if on and off commands between the two devices need to be on two separate pedals/commands or is there a way to set it to toggle on the same pedal? I’ve tried putting the commands in MM a dozen different ways and can’t seem to get it to matter.

Thank you.

I would look into the Ableton MIDI mapping documentation I’m sure you aren’t the first to attempt this

It may not be as simple for those behaviors, my advice would have been to do what you already have done

Best of luck maybe another user here has some more info !

Thank you Brennan.

I have read just about all I can find about midi in Abletons documentation and website and even purchased some books specifically for Ableton as well as watched hundreds of videos and I did not come across anyone using any midi pedals to do this. All I was able to find were videos with keyboards and similar hardware and they all were using two separate keys or controls… However, if I find I’m wrong sometime in the future, I will come back here and post the solution.