MIDI Map for BB Drum sets

I’ve been struggling a bit to make my own drum tracks for BB using Aria Maestros, and created this map so I could understand where the holes are in the various drum kits supplied with BB. The first column is the sound name in Aria, second is the MIDI code, third is the order of appearance in Aria’s drum editor, and the last several columns show which sounds are present in which BB Drum kits. Hope you find it helpful.


Very useful, thanks

Thanks for this,
I’m always getting 'not supported ’ for 40 (snare & 41(tom 6) …wish I knew that before I made them.
I’ve been fixing them in the BB16.o editor. sloooowly

Im writing a filter to check for the standard missing notes, and moving them. 35->36, 40->38. the toms to toms 1-4, etc.
also, if you specify a bass channel, it will move the bass into the proper range, and possibly a third channel into the space above that, where i have guitar strums… i’m going to do keys, horns, and other things as well instead of strums

Hi, thanks for posting the map, but unfortunatelly I can’t download it (I got error This attachment cannot be shown at this time. Please try back later).
Can you please reupload the file?

Here’s why attachments posted within messages are not available:

Here’s the file.

Thanks a lot!