Midi Mapping Question

Is it possible to map buttons on an external device (Voicelive 3 switch 6) to control functions within the BB ?

The BB Functions like transitions, fills, outro, intro , volume , tempo , beat selection can be controlled by an external device by sending MIDI signals but it all depends on the external device. I have no experience with Voice live to give you a definite answer.

Yes, you can map an external device that is MIDI map-able to control functions on the BB. I can’t advise you on what the VL3 Switch 6 can do, as I am not an owner of that device. Perhaps one of the VL3 users will enlighten us.

Any idea where that instruction is to do that ?

The Singular site downloads section has the BB manual and has a separate midi manual for BB. The Switch 6 is covered in the VL3 manual, but I didn’t see anything there about programming the switch 6 to send Midi commands. My guess I’d that it just send control voltages to the VL3, but again, I don’t use that device. The Morningstar pedal that was discussed earlier today by Persist looks great, but it’s $229.

I believe disaster area also do a comparable pedal with lots of extension options and looper control. Worth a look if you are also considering the Morningstar http://www.disasterareaamps.com/shop

i’ll check both those out. Thank you

I wonder if I can use my Looptimus for that…hmmmm

Your Looptimus could control your BB from Ableton. It sends Midi CC messages, and its programmable. I couldn’t find the manual on line, but that looks like the way to go for what you wanted.

Cool… I had that discovery last night. 6 buttons to use…i’m in MIDI geek heaven.

I also have a soft step laying around not being used as well. That could work also.

So many options…

+1 on the Soft Step and Soft Step 2.