Midi Master & Looper Control


Is there a way when using MyBeatBuddy as midi master with a looper (rang 3), I can get the pause or stop to NOT stop my looper. When I stop or pause MBB it stops and pauses my looper tracks. There are times stopping all is helpful, but other times it is a nice effect to just stop and start the drums while the looper plays. Any ideas how to creatively accomplish stopping or pausing MBB while having the looper not stop or pause?


I don’t have or use a looper but there is a setting where rather that pausing the beat buddy it mutes it. Instructions are in the manual but the option can be found by pressing in the drum kit and tempo knobs and I think it is under main pedal.


I have and use a looper (Boomerang III) with a BeatBuddy, and I approve of what was previously written.

The mode you seek is called an Active Pause. It is located inside BeatBuddy main menu (tap both tempo and drumset knobs), then head to Main Pedal.

Pressing pause while this mode is enabled will mute BeatBuddy (instead of MIDI stopping everything).


Hmmm seems like a lot of work to bend over and do this while playing - I was hoping there was a way by foot. I guess I will add this desired feature to the feature request board to see if they can somehow make it foot pedal accessible.

Thanks for the help.


Duh I feel like a goof. I went in and adjusted the setting to pause without midi as suggested and I see it does work with the pause foot control. This is exactly what I needed. It is great that the midi stop still works with the double click stop. Thanks for the help.


active pause?where do you see that??


I am sorry, when describing a concept this was my own term that simply didn’t make it. The implemented thing got called a Mute Pause.