MIDI Merge Bug? Issues with Boss MS-3 and Infinity Looper

Oops, I posted this in the general discussion forum. I’ll try to delete it.

The ‘Too long, didn’t read’ version: Beatbuddy drops MIDI messages from MS-3 sent to the Infinity, but only after Beatbuddy has changed songs.

Setup: Boss MS-3 MIDI out to Beatbuddy MIDI thru to Infinity. Latest firmware on everything.

Details: I’m using a Boss MS-3 to send MIDI messages through the Beatbuddy to the Infinity. The Beatbuddy is also sending Start/Stop and tempo commands. So I have the Beatbuddy MIDI set as ‘THRU’. This works as it should when I first turn on all the equipment.

So what’s the problem? When I change to a different song on the Beatbuddy it doesn’t always work. I can get the Infinity to respond but it takes sending the MIDI message from the MS-3 two or three times before the Infinity responds.

The presets and setting are exactly the same on the MS-3 and Infinity. The only difference is I’ve changed to a different song on the Beatbuddy. Here’s the kicker, if I turn everything off and back on, it will work again until I change songs on the Beatbuddy again.

Has anyone had this issue?

I’m sending MSB, LSB, and PC messages to choose songs. I’m also sometimes sending CC messages to transition between parts.

After further experiments I found if I power cycled the beatbuddy the problem persists. If I power cycle the infinity, it fixes the problem.

I have also tried sending messages from another controller and it does the same thing.

So something about changing songs on the beatbuddy the infinity doesn’t like. Does the beatbuddy send a message whenchanging songs?