MIDI Merge Bug? with Boss MS-3 and Infinity Looper

The ‘Too long, didn’t read’ version: Beatbuddy drops MIDI messages from MS-3 sent to the Infinity, but only after Beatbuddy has changed songs.

Setup: Boss MS-3 MIDI out to Beatbuddy MIDI thru to Infinity. Latest firmware on everything.

Details: I’m using a Boss MS-3 to send MIDI messages through the Beatbuddy to the Infinity. The Beatbuddy is also sending Start/Stop and tempo commands. So I have the Beatbuddy MIDI set as ‘THRU’. This works as it should when I first turn on all the equipment.

So what’s the problem? When I change to a different song on the Beatbuddy it doesn’t always work. I can get the Infinity to respond but it takes sending the MIDI message from the MS-3 two or three times before the Infinity responds.

The presets and setting are exactly the same on the MS-3 and Infinity. The only difference is I’ve changed to a different song on the Beatbuddy. Here’s the kicker, if I turn everything off and back on, it will work again until I change songs on the Beatbuddy again.

Has anyone had this issue?

What is the MS-3 sending to the Beat Buddy?

I’m sending MSB, LSB, and PC messages to choose songs. I’m also sometimes sending CC messages to transition between parts.

After further experiments I found if I power cycled the beatbuddy the problem persists. If I power cycle the infinity, it fixes the problem.

I have also tried sending messages from another controller and it does the same thing.

So something about changing songs on the beatbuddy the infinity doesn’t like. Does the beatbuddy send a message when changing songs?

I was just wondering if there is some way to separate your chain. It seems not. Your ms-3 sends messages to both the BB and the Inifinity, and the B.B. sends messages to the Infinity. There isn’t really a combination of midi splitters and mergers that would solve that.

Does the ms3 recognize device ID?

I don’t believe the ms3 recognizes device ID.

I agree, I’ve messed with various configurations with splitters and mergers and nothing seems to work any better.

I tried using a Boss es5, which has MIDI in and thru, with a splitter to make beatbuddy to es5 in, es5 thru to splitter, splitter to beatbuddy and infinity. The es5 doesn’t pass the start/stop commands of the beatbuddy to the infinity.

Here’s the latest of my experiments.

I removed the beatbuddy entirely from my midi chain and just went ms3 to inifinity. I still had the same result. It will work perfectly on initial startup, but if I change preset on the infinity, it requires sending a midi message 3 times before the infinity responds. As I suspected, the beatbuddy isn’t the problem.

I know there’s others that use the infinity. I can’t be the only one that’s had this issue, could I?