MIDI Merge

I know this idea has been dismissed in the past, but I would like to raise it again. I was recently beta testing the Source Audio Reflex and the pedal did not initially have MIDI Merge in it. After a bit of my pestering, they whipped up a MIDI Merge firmware update that seems to do the trick. MIDI Merge was also added in the most recent firmware update for the Eventide H9s. So while it may not be an easy task, it is clearly a doable one. The ability to put the Beat Buddy “in line” with my other MIDI controllers would be a game changer.

Yes, this should be done. Probably for next hypothetical “BeatBuddy Maxi” pedal :slight_smile:

As literally the first Indiegogo supporter, I’ve still had my Beat Buddy for under a year. I’m not totally willing to hope for things in a future product, unless there is some concrete hardware reason they couldn’t be accomplished now…

This exact feature you want can totally be implemented without issues on the current hardware, though developing may take time.
For the brand new product, it will be justifiable to “make everything correct from the beginning, basing on the previous product”.
I believe these new features will be ported to an existing BeatBuddy once they are developed.

Fair enough. Maybe Singular Sound could strike a deal with Eventide or Source Audio if they really wanted to expedite development…

Probably. But I am not the correct person to decide that.

I am sure your suggestions and ideas about this matter will be very welcome at contact@mybeatbuddy.com!

I could do that, but I thought that was the whole purpose of this forum?

You are indeed correct. I’ve provided you something like a shortcut. Now you decide should you use it or not :slight_smile:

Well if it won’t get lost in the shuffle and it’s genuinely a better way to get noticed, I just may do that. And the e-mail will link to about 5 posts from these forums so I’m not repeating myself…

I just got my Beatbuddy. I do like it and it will be cool with my VoiceLive 3 extreme. I do however whole heartedly concur - I would like to see MIDI-Merge so I can continue to change patches on the VL3 with my iPad (using ForeScore) and to be able to select programs on teh BeatBuddy using midi. Thanks for a great product.