Midi message request

I set up my pod Hd 500X to send midi codes on the BB
Working great !!
But I can not get the restart with a fill
eg: when you pause the BB with the footswitch, you can unpause/restart with a fill (just push the pedal on the BB when then pause is playing ) and you get a fill before the tempo

Is there a midi code for this?

thank you

I see that CC 111 has values 1-127 but nothing is documented for them. I am wondering if differing values would do different things. Might be worth experimenting just sending CC 111 with differing data values to see if that gets you what you want.

CC 112 triggers a drum fill. You could try sending that before the CC111 to un pause the song. I have no idea if it will work or not though.

How did you tell the pedal to use a fill on restart after muted pause? When I used muted pause, it just comes back in on the main loop.

Sorry for my bad english I’m french!
I mean if you use the pause( with the footswitch) you can restart on 2 differents ways
1- you use unpause (push again the pause switch on the footswitch) coming back on the main loop
2- you use the pedal on the BB (push the pedal on the BB when you are paused) coming back on main loop with a fill before


Thank for your help Rob
, but nopes !
don’t work , I try a lot of values.

That must be a new feature, I’ll have to check it out.

I didn’t see any equivalent midi commands so you might be out of luck on this one.

Take a look here:


I found it on page 23 of the new manual. Thats another great hidden feature. Was it in the old firmware too?

I think yes with the 1.40 V